About Berryd Opals

Berryd Opals have Rough, Solids, Doublets, Triplets, Specimens and Jewellery. Field prices as I sell for the miners. We hope by using this website you experience opal at its best with the advantage of the latest Secure Credit Card Transactions

Certified in Opal Industries Practice at TAFE adult education.

Welcome to Berryd Opals - A web site for selling of Quality Opals to you at a realistic price.

I mine, cut and export Opals. My home is in Coober Pedy, South Australia, Opal Capital of the world.

When deciding on how I can present Opals to you on this web site and through my sales on Ebay, I found I would not be able to supply the opal to all the requests I received, and I would need a fortune to purchase the opal. The miners of Coober Pedy have believed for a while that the price they receive for their Opal is low. I asked myself, why not sell on behalf of the miners over the Internet. It would solve a number of problems.

  1. Availability of Opal for sale.
  2. Better prices for the Miners Opal.
  3. Better prices to you the buyer, as we will cut out a large percentage obtained by the middle men
  4. Access to the world's largest suppliers of Opal. Coober Pedy and its surrounding areas.

My decision was to do it. And what you see now is the result.


I became Obsessed with Opal in approx 1994. My wife, Rose and I were visiting the Outback of South Australia and arrived at Coober Pedy. I was lucky enough to go down a working mine, spending 6 hours watching the miners working behind a tunnelling machine. It seemed like one hour and I was hooked. I spent the next 5 to 6 years working out how I could return to Coober Pedy and live this obsession of Opal.

In 1999, I met Stewart Jackson, A lecturer of TAFE here in Coober Pedy supplying the only known course in the world, dealing in the Opal industry. Teaching everything associated with the Opal, especially the cutting aspect.


I am a miner, and my mining partner and I, are currently working the Prospect field of Coober Pedy.

I cut opal for supply to this web site as well as Ebay auctions.

I have involvement in the Coober Pedy Miners Association

I also am in the process with other opal business folks of creating a Australian opal ebusiness association. It is exciting and I hope to keep you updated on the progress.

This Dream, or Obsession, could not be done without the help and dedication of my Wife Rose-Marie. They say behind every man there is even a better woman.

Trevor Berry